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Guiding parents to understand & optimize children's development


 Whether you want a self-guided supports or talk to the professionals, Mamaguru is here for you.

Mamaguru provides the tool and resources to understand children's development. Our experts and professionals are also available should you need a more thorough and personalized support.


Developmental Milestone Tracker

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Relevant & Applicable Learning Resources

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Observation-based Developmental Analysis


Stimulation ideas &
Improvement Recommendations

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Emotional Support &

Access to Licensed Therapists


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Mamaguru Milestones Tracker

Milestone matters!

Track your child's milestones from age 3 months to 6 years with Mamaguru!

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Play ideas tailored according to your children's development and interest. 

Mamaguru Play Bank

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Parenting Class

  • Watch anytime

  • Live discussions & networking sessions

  • Multiple credible speakers in one class

  • Exclusive Whatsapp group


Mamaguru Co-Teaching

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Get the professionals to mentor you in your parenting journey. One-on-one service, tailored specifically to help you and your children. 30 minutes observation, 10 minutes of analysis and feedback. 

FREE 1-on-1 consultation

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Mamaguru provides Maya, an artificial intelligence chatbot specialized in early years parenting

Our Services

What parents are saying

"My husband and I truly feel the significant changes in our family ever since we joined Mamaguru and partnered up with Ms. Putri. You just need to tell her about your struggles as a parent, no need to be shy so that she can help you too! Thank you, miss!"

- Selina - 

" Ms. Clairine is the first person I text when I need someone to ask about my child's behaviors."

- Venny T. - 

" We always have a wholesome discussion with Ms. Adel after the session and it really gives us a lot of productive feedback on how we can guide Xavier"

- Satria - 



  • What's Co-Teaching program?
    It's a program where teacher will guide parents to be the best teacher for their children at home. Child education should not only fall onto school's responsibilities, thus parents and teacher should partner up.
  • What's the age range?
    As of now, we are focusing on babies from 3 months old to 6 years old.
  • Can I join this program if I'm not from Semarang?
    Yes. You can join this program wherever you are. Our program is fully online and accessible as long as you have the Internet service.
  • Why do I have to take a three-month package?
    We believe that building trust and relationship between parents-teacher-child is essential to deliver a personalized educational experience. Thus, the ideal duration of this program would be three months for our teacher partner to follow, observe and analyze your child's development.
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